Welcome from the Greater Manchester Learning Trust

At the end of my first term in my role as Executive Principal of the Greater Manchester Learning Trust I am writing to update you about the Trust and our future plans.

About the Greater Manchester Learning Trust (GMLT)

A multi-academy trust (MAT) is a single entity established to undertake collaboration to improve and maintain high educational standards across a group of schools. Our mission is “to transform the lives of everyone who studies and works in our schools, through relationships which inspire confidence and aspiration; through experiences and opportunities which lead to future happiness and success. As the Trust’s lead school, the quality of teaching, systems and practice that Parrs Wood has developed so successfully can be shared with other schools. Equally, we can learn from others so that we become even stronger. Through collaboration, we can, share the best ideas and tackle some of the challenges which face Manchester children educationally and socially.

One of our aims is to become a Teaching School. Teaching Schools are highly successful schools which share the best teaching practice and develop teachers and leaders to address the common challenges faced by schools. They recruit the best training teachers and offer professional development on a wider scale so that colleagues at all career levels can benefit.

Secondly, we want to grow our GMLT from a strong starting point and wish to work with good schools to begin with, so that we can build our strength and capacity. Our aim is to work in the Greater Manchester area, to benefit Greater Manchester children.

During my first term at Parrs Wood I have been getting to know the school, its students and its staff, working with Mr McElwee to scrutinise standards, visiting classrooms and talking to the children and their teachers about their experience here. I have been very impressed by the purpose with which both students and teachers approach learning, the strength and potential of staff and leadership and by the real sense of community which exists at Parrs Wood. Of course there are areas which can be improved upon, as there are in every school, and I will be working with Mr McElwee and his staff to improve those areas as we move forward.

I have also been visiting our local primaries to get to know our neighbouring schools and understand the local context more fully, and I look forward to building on the collaboration which exists and, again, improving it where it can be strengthened.

Communication from GMLT

Each half term I will write to you personally to update you on the Trust’s work and shortly after Christmas our Trust website ( will go live. I will share with you there any news items around the Trust’s work and any events coming up which may be of interest to you. In the future I will also set up a regular forum to share thoughts with members of the community.

In the meantime I would like to wish you and your families a very peaceful and happy holiday and the very best for 2018.

Damian Owen (Executive Principal)