Information Staff

Senior Leadership Name
Headteacher Mr M McElwee M.McElwee
Senior Deputy Headteacher Ms C Wright C.Wright
Deputy Headteacher Dr M Dore M.Dore
Deputy Headteacher Mr B Hill B.Hill
Assistant Headteacher Ms B McGrath B.McGrath
Assistant Headteacher Ms E Rainford E.Rainford
Assistant Headteacher Ms M Dean M.Dean
Assistant Headteacher Mr A Langford A.Langford
Assistant Headteacher / Head of Sixth Form Ms E Bryson E.Bryson
Assistant Headteacher Mr G Fox G.Fox
Assistant Headteacher Mr M Waites M.Waites
Assistant Headteacher Ms E Foster E.Foster
Head of Corporate Services Mr S Cooke S.Cooke
Art, Design & Technology Name
Director of Faculty E Foster E.Foster
Teaching staff M Cove M.Cove
Head of Art J Davison J.Davison
Head of Hard Technologies R Goldstone R.Goldstone
Teaching staff H Lad H.Lad
Teaching staff K Levene K.Levene
Head of Food S Lyons S.Lyons
Head of Learning Year 8 J McLynn J.McLynn
Teaching staff L Rossiter L.Rossiter
Head of Textiles J Wright J.Wright
Business, Law and Economics Name
Head of Business, Law and Economics J Roberts J.Roberts
Quality Nominee BTEC S Ali S.Ali
Head of Learning Year 12 P Blackburn P.Blackburn
Assistant Headteacher M Dean M.Dean
Teaching staff C Harrison C.Harrison
School Literacy Coordinator B Sweeney B.Sweeney
Computing/ICT Name
Director of Faculty V Moloney V.Moloney
Head of Computing R Grant R.Grant
Teaching staff M Greggor M.Greggor
Key Stage 3 Coordinator L Hesketh L.Hesketh
Teaching staff A McCusker A.McCusker
VLE Development Coordinator C O'Neill C.ONeill
Teaching staff V Tay V.Tay
Senior Deputy Headteacher C Wright C.Wright
Expressive and Performing Arts (EPA) Name
Director of Faculty C Wrigley C.Wrigley
Teaching staff M Blythe M.Blythe
Head of Music H Groarke H.Groarke
Teaching staff R Holgate R.Holgate
Head of Drama M King M.King
Teaching staff T McBride T.McBride
English Name
Assistant Headteacher G Fox G Fox
Head of Media & Film R Beswick R Beswick
Teaching staff A Boutrif A.Boutrif
Teaching staff F Chowdhury F.Chowdhury
Assistant SENCO H Claydon H.Claydon
Key Stage 4 Coordinator F Clowes F.Clowes
Teaching staff S Cullen S.Cullen
Deputy Headteacher M Dore M.Dore
EMAS Coordinator M Faulkner M.Faulkner
Key Stage 4 Coordinator N Harvey N.Harvey
Teaching staff A Lowe A.Lowe
Teaching staff C McBurnie C.McBurnie
Teaching staff A Millward A.Millward
Key Stage 5 Coordinator B Moderate B.Moderate
Teaching staff K Robinson K.Robinson
Head of English I Smith I.Smith
Teaching staff O Smith O.Smith
Teaching staff N Sultana N.Sultana
Humanities Name
Director of Faculty M Retberg M.Retberg
Teaching staff J Bedwell J.Bedwell
Teaching staff S Burrows S.Burrows
Head of Learning Year 7 J Cooper J.Cooper
Head of Government & Politics D Crawford D.Crawford
Teaching staff L Cross L.Cross
Head of Geography A Hardman A.Hardman
Teaching staff K Patchwood K.Patchwood
Head of History inc. Classical Civilisation D Midgley D.Midgley
Teaching staff K Pearson K.Pearson
Teaching staff K Pierce K.Pierce
Teaching staff H Taylor H.Taylor
Mathematics Name
Assistant Headteacher M Waites M.Waites
Teaching staff Z Ahmed Z.Ahmed
Head of Mathematics S Anderson S.Anderson
Teaching staff L Cray L.Cray
Teaching staff P Deacon P.Deacon
Teaching staff D Fairweather D.Fairweather
Teaching staff M Goddard M.Goddard
Teaching staff Z Hafeez Z.Hafeez
Deputy Headteacher B Hill B.Hill
Numeracy Coordinator S Jones S.Jones01
Teaching staff J Lau J.Lau
Key Stage 4 Coordinator R O'Regan R.ORegan
Key Stage 5 Coordinator D Phillips D.Phillips
Teaching staff V Rogers V.Rogers
Teaching staff N Seymour N.Seymour
Teaching staff M Smith M.Smith
Teaching staff A Thompson A.Thompson
Key Stage 3 Coordinator S Wright-O'Donnell S.wrightodonnell
Modern Foreign Languages Name
Director of Faculty S White S.White
Teaching staff L Cole L.Cole
Head of French L Etchells L.Etchells
Head of German E Garth E.Garth
Teaching staff M Hashmi M.Hashmi
Assistant Headteacher B McGrath B.McGrath
Head of Spanish D McVey D.McVey
Teaching staff A Merino A.Merino
Teaching staff L Ritchie L.Ritchie
Teaching staff C Staines C.Staines
Lead Teacher of Beauty Therapy/ Teaching staff K Traynor K.Traynor
Teaching staff E Ware E.Ware
PE Name
Director of Faculty S Glover S.Glover
Head of Learning Year 10 K Catterall K.Catterall
Key Stage 3 Coordinator M Dodd M.Dodd
Deputy Director of Faculty & Key Stage 4 Coordinator T Dunne T.Dunne
Teaching staff K Fleming K.Fleming
Teaching staff E McCray E.McCray
Professional Mentor for Student Teachers D Self D.Self
Teaching staff H Slater H.Slater
SSCO E Waterhouse E.Waterhouse
Science Name
Director of Faculty J Wild J.Wild
Teaching staff M Bailey M.Bailey
Sixth Form Leadership Coordinator C Baker C.Baker
Teaching staff S Begum S.Begum
Head of Physics D Blake D.Blake
Assistant Headteacher E Bryson E.Bryson
Head of Learning Year 13 B Crickett B.Crickett
Teaching staff P Dawson P.Dawson
Key Stage 3 Coordinator T Gill T.Gill
Head of Learning Year 9 P Heron P.Heron
Head of Biology E Kattou E.Kattou
Teaching staff E Lampard E.Lampard
Assistant Headteacher A Langford A.Langford
Teaching staff J McDonald J.McDonald
Headteacher M McElwee M.McElwee
Teaching staff R Parker R.Parker
Teaching staff S Rahman S.Rahman
Key Stage 4 Coordinator R Rawsterne R.Rawsterne
Teaching staff H Reid H.Reid
Teaching staff S Turner S.Turner
Teaching staff L Wicks L.Wicks
Head of Chemistry E Woollaston E.Woollaston
Social Science Name
Director of Faculty S McCready S.McCready
Head of Psychology J Ashton J.Ashton
Teaching staff K Ayirebi K.Ayirebi
Head of Sociology J Bunyan J.Bunyan
Teaching staff B Dance B.Dance
Gifted & Talented Coordinator and Aim Higher Coordinator K Green K.Green
Acting Head of RE H Hamid H.Hamid
Head of Learning Year 11 S Hawksley S.Hawksley
Teaching staff C Meller C.Meller
Key Stage 4 Coordinator A Wallace A.Wallace
Teaching staff A White A.White
KS3 Personal and Social Development Coordinator E Woodward E.Woodward
Inclusion Name
Director of Faculty/SENCO R Sheldrake R.Sheldrake
Teaching staff P Nael P.Nael
One to One Tutors Name
- M Harris M.Harris
- D Levendis D.Levendis
- A Merino A.Merino

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