On behalf of the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt. Hon John Bercow and the Speaker’s School Council Awards team we would really like to thank you and your school council for participating in the Awards Scheme and taking the time to tell us about all the hard work that has gone into making your project great.


We would like to congratulate your students on receiving this special recognition from the judges.’

As we reported at Easter this year the C02 team’s main focus this year was to improve recycling at Parrs Wood. Our aim was to look at ways of wasting less and recycling more for both a sustainable future, and to save money. Out target was to go from zero to 90% recycling and we are almost there, with the latest figures just under 90%. One of the main reasons for the campaigns success was the massive support of all the students and staff who made a lot of the suggestions of how to waste less and recycle more. B&M waste management services have also played a key part. We looked at several recycling companies, but B&M were by far the most willing to work with us to find the right solution for our school, at a competitive price. Indeed rebates on some of the more valuable recycled materials such as metal have been donated to Reuben’s retreat – the whole school community has been very keen to support this cause.


imageHaving given assemblies to all the year groups and staff about the importance of recycling and how to recycle different materials in school, we recently gave details of our campaign to the Speaker of the House of Commons Award Scheme, and we were pleased to be Highly Commended. This award isn’t just for the C02 team, but the whole school community. To achieve such high levels of recycling needs the help of everyone in school. We also made a video of our presentation to educate others. We will get the year off to a good start with recycling competitions and we’ll also be working with B&M waste management to advise other schools on how to achieve these levels of recycling. B&M were also at the Parrs Wood festival to give more information and also did a charity raffle for Reuben’s Retreat. They generously gave a tablet device as the prize.



It’s been a very busy year for the C02 team, and very rewarding. Parrs Wood’s recycling is now saving 120 Tonnes of C02 every year which is equivalent to driving 1.5 times round the earth. We look forward to carrying on this work after the summer.


By Year 12 C02 team members Laila, Lydia, Elliot, Liam, Josh, Tom, Leo, Sami, Carmel