Iceland is a spectacular and impressive country to visit which 25 students as Mr Duffy, Miss Woodward and I discovered. It is known as a ‘Geographers playground’ but that phrase does not do it justice. We witnessed the amazing Aurora Borealis with its green streams of light bouncing around the sky. I would like to say thank you to Sam (A.K.A. David Bailey) for being the group photographer which allowed all students to strike a pose and get some amazing photos! Our days were filled with marvellous adventures of playing on the black sand beaches and skimming pebbles, smelling the rotten egg smell in the geothermal areas, walking around the edge of the crater of an extinct volcano and getting soaked in a hailstorm walking down from the top of a waterfall.

We got to witness the amazing beauty and processes that mother earth creates and it got students to really deepen their learning about tectonic activity and the world around them. We got up close to the enormous Solheimajokull glacier which has bulldozed its way down the valleys and created impressive landforms; we saw one of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe and its gorge (Gullfoss waterfall) while witnessing its deafening roar; trying to guess when Strokkur geyser was about to blow a gasket to capture the photo, and standing in the middle of the Eurasian and North American plate boundary which are moving apart at the thunderous rate of 3cm a year.

The highlight of the trip, however, had to be the Blue Lagoon. We visited during the evening which added to the novelty and relaxed atmosphere of the freezing cold air on our faces while bathing in the geothermal heated water. We pampered ourselves in the natural clay masks and Tom was not too far away with his illuminous selfie light on his phone.

The students had free time at night where they were able to walk around the city centre of Reykjavik and purchase souvenirs for their family members (not to mention Max spending a fortune on chocolate only to return it and then not being able to use the exchange voucher!) We then spent an evening in the local heated swimming pool where the head boy Lewis was giving me a heart attack by doing belly flops off the diving board!!

Iceland 2016 was a hugely successful trip and we will be seeing you again! Let’s just hope next time the students manage to wake up in time for the coach to the airport.

Ms Cross