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Careers - Future Choices Programme

Our Future Choices programme is designed to inspire and expand understanding and knowledge of career opportunities and choices. Creating a spark that motivates our young people to move forward in their career thinking. It aims to answer the questions: What is out there? Which qualifications and skills do I need to pursue my ambitions? Which route do I take?

At the heart of our programme is impartial 1 to 1 guidance which gives our young people the opportunity to explore their personal ambitions and contextualise messages delivered through the main programme. This is delivered in a timely fashion for post 14, 16 and 18 decision points.

Our activities are delivered across the school and we use the Future Choices brand to visually pull the programme together and identify careers activities. 

Thinking about me
What makes you tick? Your interests and preferred skills?


Developing my skills
Qualifications and skills give you the edge


Investigating future choices
Opens up opportunities and options`


successful careers decisions.

Who can I talk to?

Want to talk through your options? Need help with an application? Not sure what to do next?

  • Mrs Brotherton - Careers Lead
  • Coming soon - Careers - F44
  • Ms Patrick - Independent Careers Advisor - F43

Email: futurechoices@parrswood.manchester.sch.uk

Contact Number: 0161 446 8640


How the school measure and assesses the impact of the careers programme on pupils:

We have an annual evaluation plan which includes pupil/student destinations alongside feedback on the programme and individual activities from external partners, internal partners, students/pupils, parents.

The results are fed back to the Senior Leadership Team and form the programme for the following year, the annual review will take place June 2023.