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KS3 pupils will have an exciting 3 years of Computing using the online web service, Google Classroom.

In Year 7, pupils will develop their knowledge of E Safety appropriate for their age group. They will then go on to learn about the History of Computing, leading to understanding how computers work and completing binary challenges. Towards the end of the year, pupils will study algorithms, leading them to create their own advanced programs using the programming software, Scratch. To finish off the year, pupils will take part in the annual image editing competition, where they will compete against other students in Year 7. This is a great way to round off the year and demonstrate the new skills the pupils have gained.

Year 8 builds on the Computer Science and Programming skills learnt from Year 7. They will develop their Computational Thinking Skills and learn how to write Pseudocode and create flowcharts. Pupils will also learn how to sequence and plan systems and will begin an intensive exploration of block coding, using the software, Trinket. These activities will see them learn the basics of the software and programming language and lead to them creating their own programs and developing their own code. Year 8 will enhance their knowledge of number systems by completing hexadecimal challenges. They will also investigate how computers work in a ‘modern digital society’ including ethical and environmental issues.

Year 9 develops their Computer Science and Programming skills even further with an intensive Python programming course. This helps to prepare those pupils wishing to study Computer Science at GCSE. One of the units of work focuses on App Development and Project Planning skills, which helps to prepare those pupils wishing to study for the GCSE BTEC Digital Information Technology.

Computing at Key Stage 4

Computing at Key Stage 5

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