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At the end of KS3 we expect pupils to have fully developed skills in design, logic and programming  This will enable pupils to develop transferable skills such as problem solving and analytical thinking. We will equip pupils with the skills and knowledge to stay safe online and treat their peers with respect. Our intention is to provide pupils with a strong knowledge of understanding computers and be able to apply this theory to the real world. By the end of KS3, pupils will have acquired the enthusiasm and skills required to progress onto GCSE Computer Science and BTEC Digital Information Technology.


At the end of KS4 we expect pupils to develop their skills in programming systems and logical thinking. They will start to understand how computers work and be able to design and create algorithms to solve problems. Pupils will gain a deeper understanding at the importance of technology in today’s society and be able to analyse the impact and issues surrounding computing systems. Pupils will also develop the skills required to work effectively in a digital environment, such as project planning, designing & creating user interfaces and presenting & interpreting data.

Computing at Key Stage 4

Computing at Key Stage 5

We offer the following subjects at Parrs Wood Sixth Form (click on the name for a subject leaflet):