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Our mission is to transform the lives of all those who study and work in our schools

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The Parrs Wood curriculum is designed to offer each student the opportunity to fulfil their potential through a wide range of onsite non-vocational and vocational qualifications. We believe our curriculum is ambitious and reflect our school community - allowing all students to engage successfully with education and reach their individual goals. 

Our curriculum structure works through a one-week timetable where every day has 6 lessons of 50mins each plus a Personal Development Curriculum session at the start of the day. Within this schedule we aim to provide a broad, balanced, coherent and challenging curriculum for all, which enables each student to enjoy learning and achieve success in school.

Students move through Key Stage 3 (years 7-9) National Curriculum at the rate most suited to their ability and we work closely with our partner primary schools to ensure a smooth and successful transition to high school and the new curriculum. 

We believe in the importance of a balanced curriculum and as a result our students at Key Stage 3 have weekly lessons in the creative subjects: music, art, drama and technology alongside the traditionally academic subjects.

Each Curriculum area has carefully sequenced and planned the learning of the appropriate body of knowledge and skills needed to succeed. This was reviewed throughout the pandemic and as a result areas were re-taught where appropriate.  

For Years 10 and 11, our students can opt to study a full range of GCSEs or combine their core GCSEs with other qualifications in more applied or vocational subjects. Over 30 subjects are available. Our curriculum at this key stage is aimed at securing the best possible opportunities for students post-16 and allows the students to continue to follow their dreams.  We offer a comprehensive package of Careers guidance and support to underpin this. The range of GCSEs on offer at Key Stage 4 builds into our sixth form curriculum pathways and we encourage as many of our students as possible to remain with us into the sixth form to continue their education. A separate prospectus for the sixth form is available from the Sixth Form Centre.

Due to our tradition for offering a broad and balanced curriculum that ensures rigour, national recognition and acceptance, and learning continuity, we are best placed for our students to enter the English Baccalaureate pathway. In addition, we offer an Apprenticeship Pathway to meet the needs and aspirations for some of our students.

Review our Curriculum Policy 2022

For more information about our curriculum please either click on the link in the Curriculum guides below or view our contact us page. 

2022 - 2023 Key Stage 3 Curriculum Guides



2022 - 2023 Key Stage 4 Curriculum Guides





For further information or enquiries please contact the school office