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We are convinced that reading is key to your overall development. If you read a lot in school and at home, you will soon find yourself whizzing through tasks in every subject. That is why we have our rule that you should bring a reading book to school every day. You are sure to find some books that will grab your attention on our reading lists. Or why not pop into the LRC and see if anything there takes your fancy?

Useful Links

Our staff highly recommend these links for students to visit as they contain useful resources to assist in this particular subject area


Reading List

Click below to view the current recommended Key Stage 3 & 4 reading list for students.

 Reading List            Library

Key Stage 3

Year 7 Unit 1 Writing skills builder
Unit 2 Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
Unit 3 My World and The World Around Me.
Unit 4 Fiction Novel.
Year 8 Unit 1 Literature Across Time and Place
Unit 2 Romeo and Juliet
Unit 3 Lord Of The Flies
Year 9 Unit 1 Othello and Protest Poetry
Unit 2 Dystopian Fiction
Unit 3 Pigeon English

Key Stage 4

 We teach the following subjects at Key Stage 4:

GCSE English Language

GCSE English Literature

Year 10 Topic 1 Macbeth
Topic 2 A Christmas Carol
Topic 3 Persuasive Speaking
Topic 4 Exploring fiction
Year 11 Topic 1 Exploring and creating fiction
Topic 2 Exploring and creating non-fiction
Topic 3 Revision and skills builders


Key Stage 5

We offer the following subjects at Parrs Wood Sixth Form (click on the name for a subject leaflet):

English Literature A Level

English Language A Level