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Our mission is to transform the lives of all those who study and work in our schools

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We firmly believe that learning in the classroom is improved when students are properly engaged outside of it. Therefore, we offer a lot more than academic excellence. We offer a range of activities that take place outside of the classroom and are designed to inspire, deepen and broaden skills, knowledge and experience.

Regular visits take place abroad and to museums, art galleries, concerts, plays and sporting events. In addition, a well-resourced library is available before, during and after school for students to do homework and engage in independent study.

An extensive programme of extracurricular activities is available Whether your sporting, musical, artistic, looking for an intellectual challenge or simply wish to relax, there will be a club or activity for everyone.

We have recently launched the new Form Championships, whereby students are awarded points whenever they take part in one of our amazing clubs. There will be a variety of competitions throughout the year where students can earn bonus points for their form. Check out our social media for updates.

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Extracurricular Timetable

Enrichment Activities Timetable

 For more information contact Mr Lau or Ms Crispin.


Enrichment Newsletter

Here you will find all the newsletters from each school term. 

Our newsletters are full of all the amazing activities our students get up to at school, from clubs to trips to charity work. Click on a newsletter below to find out more. Enjoy!

Spring Term Newsletter

March 2023


Autumn Term Newsletter

December 2022