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Exploring the world of work

Exploring the world of work

In careers jargon this is ‘Labour Market Information’. It includes things like:

What does a job involve? Where in the country can you find different jobs? Is this area of work expanding or in decline? What qualifications and skills do you need?

Jobs in Manchester (Labour Market Information)

Click on the links to learn more about each job sector you can work in, in Manchester.

Accounting, Finance, and Law Sector LMI GM 2022

Construction LMI GM 2022

Creative Cultural LMI GM 2022

Digital LMI GM 2022

Education LMI GM 2022

Emergency Services LMI GM 2022

Financial Technology LMI GM 2022

Green Economy Sector LMI GM 2022

Health and Social Care LMI 2022

Hospitality LMI GM 2022

Life Sciences LMI GM 2022

Logistics LMI GM 2022

Manufacturing LMI GM 2022

Rail Sector LMI GM 2022

Retail Sector LMI GM 2022