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Homework is a really important part of learning at Parrs Wood. Homework done regularly throughout your time at school can be the equivalent of an extra year of study. Pupils who do their homework regularly do well in lessons, tests and examinations.

Homework can help you:

  • Practise new skills

  • Develop study skills

  • Prepare for the next lesson

  • Revise for tests and exams

  • Complete coursework and longer pieces of writing

  • To experience different ways of learning

Homework set should be written in your planner with details of when it is to be handed in. This will help you organise your work and time. Students who do their homework regularly do well in their lessons, tests and exams.

There are FOUR different types of homework at Parrs Wood:



Learning or revising information that will be tested in class

Example: Learn the first ten definitions from your knowledge organiser


Learning homework won’t be marked separately by your teacher, but they’ll know if you’ve done it or not from your test score. 


Preparing for the next lesson by reading or researching

Example: Watch a YouTube video and make notes on how photosynthesis works


Research homework is essential preparation for the next lesson – you’re unlikely to be successful in learning if you don’t take responsibility and put in 100% effort.


Application or practice of a skill that you’ve learned in class

Example: Use the steps we wrote in class to answer this practice exam question


You can expect application homework to be marked in the same way as classwork, with either a grade (summative) or strengths and actions (formative) from your teacher.


Extending your learning through a challenging or creative project

Example: Create a model which you can use to teach another student everything you know about volcanoes


Depending on the project, extension homework might be marked by peer-assessment, an effort grade or with detailed teacher feedback. If this type of homework takes several weeks to complete, you should expect feedback at different points along the way too.


 Homework help

The Independent Learning Centre is open after the end of the school day for pupils to access a quiet study area with research facilities to support them with their homework.

Plan ahead to make the best use of your time. If you need help from your teacher, ask them before it’s due - don’t leave it until the last minute.

Your parent or carer should sign this planner every week to say they have checked it. Your form tutor will do the same.