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Modern Languages

Modern Languages


Being able to speak a foreign language is now an essential life skill whether at work, in education or for leisure purposes. More and more of today’s students can expect to work or study abroad, negotiating with foreign visitors in our places of work or our home towns. Becoming a global citizen and being able to communicate in other languages has never been so important.

French, German and Spanish are all taught at Parrs Wood across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, with Urdu also offered at KS4.

Year 7 will study French, German or Spanish and they will continue with this language throughout Key Stage 3. Students who perform well in their first foreign language in year 7, may have the opportunity to do a second foreign language Year 8.

Which Language?

French is spoken in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France as well as in parts of the West Indies, Canada and Africa. It is one of the official languages of the EU and as our closest neighbour, the use of French in all areas of life has increased.

German is spoken in Austria, Switzerland and many parts of Eastern Europe and of course, in Germany itself. It is especially important for areas of business and scientific research, and it continues to be a prominent language within the EU and business contexts.

Spanish is spoken within Europe, as well as throughout South America and in the USA. It is well known that Spain offers many jobs in tourism since it is the principal holiday destination for the British. South America is one of the largest trading communities in the world. The need for our young people to speak Spanish is growing fast!

Urdu is a widely spoken Asian language, and has strong links with Arabic. It is the mother tongue of a large number of Mancunians.

Modern Languages at Key Stage 4

French, German, Spanish and Urdu are all offered at GCSE level. There is also the possibility of continuing a second language if chosen as an option. As a key subject in the EBACC, we strongly recommend our young people continue with at least one language to GCSE, as this will open many doors to the career of their choice. It is important to note, however, you cannot study a Language for GCSE, if you have not previously learned it at KS3 OR if you are not already a fluent speaker of that language.

Whichever language(s) you study, whether it be: French, German, Spanish or Urdu; the course leads to a GCSE qualification and is all about practical communication and transferable skills. It features the situations in which you may find yourself in the foreign country or with a foreign visitor in this country.

Themes and Topics Checklist

Theme 1 – Identity and Culture

- Me, my family and friends, relationships, marriage and Partnership

- Technology, social media and mobile technology

- Free time, music, cinema/TV, Food and eating out and Sport.


Theme 2 – Local, National, International and Global issues

- Your home town and region

- Social issues: Charity/ voluntary work/ Healthy lifestyles

- Global issues: Environment, poverty and homelessness

- Travel and tourism


Theme 3 – Current and Future Study and Employment

- My studies and life at school

- Post 16 education: studies at A-level and work experience

- Jobs, Careers and ambitions


For further information please contact the school office

Modern Languages at Key Stage 5

The study of a Language at Key Stage 5 is both useful and enjoyable. Sadly, there are fewer and fewer people in Britain who can speak a second language which is good news for those students who choose to study a foreign language at Key Stage 5. This puts them in a very strong position as far as future employment and further education courses are concerned. The study of a language can open many doors in the new world of

travel, communication and business. Here at Parrs Wood, we are proud to have a long tradition of success at Key Stage 5 in French, Spanish and German. We also facilitate the sitting of examinations in other languages for native speakers.

Language students in Parrs Wood are encouraged to take part in many extra activities. We take groups to local conferences and talks given by the Universities and outside speakers. Each language student also has an individual lesson with a native speaker on a weekly basis. In all languages there is the possibility of taking part in an exchange/work experience.

The Key Stage 5 Language staff are all experienced teachers who have a high level of fluency.

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