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Visiting Author SS Saywack

Visiting Author - S.S. Saywack

A group of our Year 9 boys were lucky enough today to attend a presentation and writing workshop delivered by visiting author S. S. Saywack. The students listened to Mr Saywack discuss his own journey as an author, including his inspirations and how he got started, and in addition some informative advice on the do’s and don’ts of writing a novel. The students then took part in an excellent workshop during which they were challenged to respond to opening prompts within a short timeframe, and then produce pieces of work developing a given scenario with their own ideas, from two different perspectives. The students were enthusiastic and did some fabulous work today, with a wide range of creative ideas on display.

S. S. Saywack is the author of the Mary Finch Mysteries. This comprises four novels and a small prologue: Mary Finch and the Thief, Mary Finch and the Grey Lady, Mary Finch and the Spy, Mary Finch Endgame and Mary Finch, a Prologue. After a career as a Graphic Designer, then an art teacher, he took to writing short stories, flash fiction and novels for middle-grade readers. He can be found here on his website: https://saywackwrites.com/