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As a parent or carer of a pupil at the school, you are automatically a member of the Parrs Wood PTA, the Parent Teacher Association. The PTA is a charity separate to the school and its purpose is to foster the school community and to raise money for extra equipment and activities which cannot be funded out of the usual school budget.

Supporting the PTA gives you the opportunity to meet other parents/carers and teaching staff to share ideas and work together to support our school and have fun, both by supporting the staff at educational evenings and organising fund-raising activities for parents, staff and pupils of the school.

Our major fund-raising events have included Christmas Markets, Quiz nights, Painting nights, stalls at the Didsbury Festival and other events and more recently a Spa Experience. We also support various school events to celebrate pupils’ achievements and talents and to welcome new parents, carers and students.

The money we have raised has enabled us to lend considerable financial support to the school. We support the school hardship fund and purchased Chromebooks to support students during the pandemic. This term we will be consulting with students and staff to find out where they would like money raised by PTA to go. It would be great if you could discuss that with your children and encourage them to contribute their ideas and votes.

We can offer such generous support to the school due to the help of many parents, carers and friends who give up their time so willingly to assist us in our efforts. It is this support that makes us so successful, and we encourage you to contribute by becoming an active member.


Meet the Committee

We have three elected members (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) at any one time plus additional committee members and a wider circle of volunteer parents.

The current committee members are:

Helen Turner


Parent of students in Y10 and Y13

Paul Ashpole


Parent of a student in Y10

Matthew Smith


Parent of a student in Y10

Jim McLynn

School Liaison

School Senior Leadership Team

Sian Owen


Parent of students in Y8 and Y10

Jayne Langlands


Parent of a student in Y10

How to Join

Look out for our newsletters and email updates, come along to one of our meetings or simply drop us an e-mail!

PTA updates and newsletters are sent out to parents and carers, alongside other school information, via School Comms.

PTA meetings are open to all parents and carers. There will be full PTA meeting on Wednesday 9th November followed by PTA meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each half term.

We will also be holding a PTA Parent and Kids Informal Social on Tuesday 18th October which is open to all and especially new Parrs Wood parents.

For other ways to get in touch you can:

  • Join our PTA Facebook group for PTA updates.
  • Drop us an e-mail at pwhs.pta@gmail.com.
  • Receive quick/early updates via e-mail and/or WhatsApp. If you would like to be added to the PTA e-mail list and/or WhatsApp group, drop an e-mail pwhs.pta@gmail.com with your e-mail address, mobile phone number and the name and year group of your child(ren).

How can I contribute

There are a multitude of ways you can contribute to PTA activities and funds!


  • Help on a stall or help to prepare or run an event. An hour of your time would be happily received, to bake, put up posters, decorate a venue, be on a stall, …
  • Take on organising an event, or a raffle or whatever else might raise funds. Members of the PTA committee and extended support network would be happy to help you. Parent Soraya, who recently organised a Spa Experience afternoon said “It was fun to feel part of something bigger again after our 2 years of separateness. Would recommend to other parents to suggest a themed PTA event you might like to offer.”
  • Do a sponsored activity for PTA. Do something you love and raise money for Parrs Wood along the way!
  • Take on a regular PTA role. Join the committee to meet other parents/carers, have fun planning events, help build the school community and agree on funding aims and how to spend money raised. We need a chair, treasurer and secretary to maintain charity status and could also benefit from people to focus on business liaison/donations, publicity, social media engagement, applications for grants/charity funding, …???


Ask your employer how they can help

  • Many companies offer donations for charities supported by their employees, via matched giving schemes (where the company matches funds raised at a particular event), one-off or annual fixed-figure donations or donating goods or services.
  • Does your company have any charity giving scheme which could benefit our school?


Shop at AmazonSmile

  • Amazon smile is a great way to donate to our school. Head to smile.amazon.co.uk and nominate Parrs Wood High School Association as your charity. Then whenever you buy something, we will benefit with a percentage of the sale. You must use smile.amazon.co.ukfor us to receive a donation. The good news is it doesn’t cost you any extra!


Direct Debit

  • If you don’t have time to give, but would like to support the PTA, you can set up a direct debit to donate a little on a regular basis.
  • If every Parrs Wood family donated £1 a month, we’d raise £12,000 to contribute to additional school facilities every year!!!
  • To securely set up a direct debit via Go Cardless, go to this direct debit link, and enter your details. Your details will be used solely for the purposes of setting up the direct debit and your donations will be paid directly into the PTA bank account.


Upcoming & Key Events

Click here to sign up for the PTA Festive Quiz

Raffle prizes are needed. To donate, please contact the PTA at pwhs.pta@gmail.com

PTA Parent and Kids Social

 Tuesday 18 October

 6.30 pm - 8 pm at school

PTA Meeting

 Wednesday 9 November

 6.30 pm at school

PTA Christmas Quiz

 Wednesday 7 December

 7 pm at school

PTA Meeting and AGM

 Wednesday 18 January

 6.30 pm at school

PTA Meeting

 Wednesday 8 March

 6.30 pm at school

PTA Meeting

 Wednesday 26 April

 6.30 pm at school

PTA Meeting

 Wednesday 14 June

 6.30 pm at school



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