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Our mission is to transform the lives of all those who study and work in our schools

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Why Join Parrs Wood?

Why Join Parrs Wood?

 We regularly ask for student, staff and parents’ opinions about the school to find out what they think. Here are some of the reasons they gave when asked why they think local families should choose to join them in the Parrs Wood community.

  • Positive relationships between staff and pupils 

The teachers really care about us - Year 8 student

There is a path for every child - Parent

  • An academic approach that suits everyone

Children are pushed to be the best they can be and allowed to be what they want to be – they don’t funnel everyone in the same direction because it’s easier for them - Parent

You feel safe at Parrs Wood because it doesn’t matter if you’re different - Year 9 student

The school is really big so there are load of clubs to get involved in, which makes it so easy to find people with common interests - Year 7 student

Enrichment and curriculum opportunities are incredibly broad, but the school will still let you set something up if it doesn’t exist already - Year 10 student

  • Our diversity

It is great to be able to meet so many new people who can share different backgrounds - Year 7 student

Everyone is accepting of everyone else - Year 10 student

Our diverse student body defines the school’s accepting culture and provides strong foundations to thrive in modern society - Staff member

Celebrating and rewarding success is a large part of the culture e.g. the postcards – teachers send through to parents based on the achievements; Reward Points that be exchanged exchanged for items; Star of the Week Award; reward trips - Parent

  • We have high expectations

The behaviour policy makes people very aware of what is expected of them - Year 10 student

Behaviour policy prepares you for being a polite adult polite with good manners - Year 11 student

There are a wide range sports facilities and so much more green space than you find in other schools - Year 10 student

  • Our size

It’s really easy for everyone to make friends because there are so many people and a lot of different ways of getting to know them - Year 11 student

  • Our thriving Sixth Form

Having the option to stay at Parrs Wood for Sixth Form provides continuity if students want it & also provides more confidence in the quality of teaching too - Staff

  • Mr McElwee’s assemblies

The Headteacher’s assemblies are the stuff of legends – he’s really able to inspire the students - Staff member

The school really cares about us – we always know we have a safety net, particularly around mental health, which allows us to focus on our studies – Year 9 student