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Transition - Moving to Secondary School


Moving to Secondary School

The opportunity to experience new subjects, new activities and make new friends at a bigger school is often met with great enthusiasm. At Parrs Wood, we also understand that whilst some students feel this way, some may feel nervous and anxious at the thought of starting at a new school. For most, it’s normally a little bit of both!

To ensure that our new Year 7 students’ transition from primary school is as seamless and stress-free as possible, Parrs Wood has a very effective and highly-regarded transition programme in place.

Current circumstances mean we can’t run the transition programme we hoped to, but we’re still going to make sure you get the chance to find out more about the school, hear from your new teachers and take part in some monthly challenges ahead of September. Until then, keep exploring our website and social media feeds. If you have any questions you can reach us on email: seeyousoon@pwhs.co.uk

Transition Events

Data Application Form:

New Year 7 in take  - Parents have been sent an email with a link from our new data collection and information company Admissions+ , also known as applicaa, this is in replacement of the manual data packs that are normally sent, please can we ask for this form to be completed by 28th June 2021. 

If you have not received an email, then please contact the main office on 0161 446 8640 and we can resend the link. The email will come from admin@applicaa.com

Virtual Transition Evening

We want to give you an opportunity to hear from our Head teacher, Mr McElwee, our Yr7 Head of Learning, Mr Cray and myself, Miss Foster, your Director of Transition. You will receive further details and guidance on this soon. The purpose of the evening will be to introduce you to our community and give students an opportunity to meet with their form Tutors. 

Secondary School Admissions 

Student places at Parrs Wood are allocated by Manchester City Council. As we move to our online system for collecting data; Admissions+, if you have accepted a place, but have not yet spoken to us at school, then please contact our main office to speak to one of the team: 0161 446 8640.  Further details on admissions can also be found on our school website.  If you have spoken to us but have not received any communication regarding use of admissions+ then please get in contact with the main office who will be happy to help.

Transition Booklet

All students will receive a Transition booklet in the post. The booklet will enable you to discuss moving to secondary school as a family. It will enable you to plan your journey to school, discuss worries and set targets for yourself, along with some other wellbeing activities. Your new teachers have also set you a task to complete within each of their subject areas. Please choose which activities you would like to complete over the summer as best you can. There is no pressure to complete all the activities. Those that you do complete, please do so on separate paper so that they can be distributed to your different teachers in September!  Remember to bring these along with you on your first day at Parrs Wood. 

Manchester Big Read

Manchester Big read, has for the second year in a row, launched a Year 6-7 transition project. Each primary school in Manchester should have received a copy of 'The Kid Who Came from Space, Ross Welford'. We think this is great! I have read my own copy and I cannot wait to hear what you think! To support you, we have launched ‘Breakfast with a Book!’ Mrs Palmer has been very busy reading each chapter and has kindly recorded them for you so you can read along and enjoy the story with her. Check out his section on our Transition Webpage. 

Keep an eye out for more events and our timetable.

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