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My Media City experience

by Benjamin Prest

Posted on February 06th, 2018 at 11:38 AM

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit media city at Salford Quays in Manchester. During my visit I got to find out lots more about what goes on there, what jobs people do, and what I could maybe do in the future! I was there to meet BBC radio Manchester’s Liam Bradford, a commentator and radio sports presenter; he was very helpful and gave me lots of advice about working as part of the radio sports team. He played some clips of football matches he’d commentated on, and I also met another commentator who had covered the Manchester City vs Crystal Palace match when we won 5-1 (as a City fan, I was very pleased about this!) The mentor session with Liam had a really positive influence on me, he advised me that you just have to be confident and don’t let what other people say stop you from what you want to do.

For me the trip was very inspiring because I got to see how great the facilities are at the BBC, how friendly everyone is and I would definitely consider working there one day. The reason I like sports and the commentating part of it is because there are so many opportunities that can open up for you such as being able to travel the world… my dream sports commentary job would be to commentate on the champions league final!

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