Curriculum Computing


Year 7 and 8 students will have an exciting 2 years of ICT with E-Safety as well as learning how to use MyBigCampus (the school’s Virtual Learning Environment). Students will use what they have learnt about E-Safety to create an informative website on the dangers of the online world and how to stay safe.

Term 2 in Year 8 builds on Computer Science and Programming skills learnt from Year 7. Here, students learn how to sequence and plan systems that they will later code. Following on quickly from this, students will begin an intensive exploration of Python programming as well as developing their robotics skills using Lego Mindstorms. These activities will see them learn the basics of the software and programming language and lead to them creating their own programs, and developing their own code.

During the summer term students will look at how databases work and how they can be useful in everyday life. They will create their own database and use it to create mail merged documents. To finish off the year students will take part in the annual animation competition, where they will pit their animation skills against other students in years 7 and 8. This is a great way to round off the year and demonstrate the new skills the students have gained.

Computing at Key Stage 4

  1. GCSE - Computer Science
  2. GCSE - ICT

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Computing at Key Stage 5 (click on title for course leaflet):

  1. BTEC ICT Level 3
  2. Computer Science - A Level