Curriculum Mathematics


Mathematics is a popular subject at Parrs Wood with a high number of pupils choosing to continue its study into A-Level.

The Maths Faculty aims to bring Maths to life to ensure that all pupils can access and enjoy the curriculum.

As teachers we strive to provide a rich and meaningful course that will allow each pupil to reach their potential.

Each teaching group will receive a minimum of one homework per week. This will be set and collected by their class teacher. In addition to this, all students are expected to study independently to consolidate their learning and revise for module exams.

Students may find the ‘Mathswatch’ CD a useful tool for revision and consolidation. These are recommended by the department as an independent learning resource and are available from the maths office for £4.

Equipment required:

- Pen
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Rubber and sharpener
- Scientific calculator (we recommend the CASIO fx-83GT plus)
- Protractor (ideally 360degrees)
- Pair of compasses

Maths equipment can be purchased from our Mathematics department in school. The Maths faculty have a sale on every break and lunch time for students to purchase equipment including Scientific Calculators (£6) and Maths Equipment Sets including protractors and pairs of compasses (£1.50).

For further information on these subjects please contact our school office

Mathematics at Key Stage 5 (click on title for course leaflet):

  1. Mathematics - Pure, Applied and Statistics
  2. Further Mathematics

A Level Bridging Pack

In order to be prepared for a successful year of AS Mathematics we expect all of our new students to download and complete the A level Mathematics bridging pack. If you can complete this pack and are comfortable will all of the skills involved then you will have a good foundation on which to build upon during your first year of the course. If you struggle with any topics in the pack then we would advise you to seek help at your first available opportunity in order to bring your skills up to the required level.

Click here to download the bridging pack

Useful Links

Our staff highly recommend these links for students to visit as they contain useful resources to assist in this particular subject area

  1. MyMaths (Please ask a maths teacher for login credentials)
  2. Super Maths World (Please ask a maths teacher for login credentials)
  3. Bitesize GCSE Maths
  4. Mr Barton Maths